Tanguy Griffon – About health and environment

Passionate about people and the environment, I believe our society as we know it is about to face one of the most challenging moments of all times.

Public health and the environment are threatened by Climate Change and Air Pollution.
Climate Change and air pollution are closely coupled. Just as air pollution can have adverse effects on human health and ecosystems, it can also impact the Earth’s climate.

When energy from the sun reaches the Earth, the planet absorbs some of this energy and radiates the rest back to space. The Earth’s surface temperature depends on this balance. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) can trap this energy and prevent the heat from escaping. Small air pollutants in the atmosphere, from smoke, dust, manufacturing, and other sources can also affect how the Earth system behaves. Aerosols can absorb and scatter radiation, which can cause either warming or cooling of the atmosphere. They can also influence the formation and behavior of clouds as well as the water cycle.

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal (IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007). Most of the observed increase in global average temperatures since pre-industrial levels is very likely coming from human-made emission sources. Examples of these climate-driven effects include warmer air and ocean temperatures, more high-intensity rainfall events, and more frequent heat waves. I am particularily interested in understanding the link between the evolution of the environment and human health effects.

I also believe we have solutions at hand to tackle these issues. Scientific innovation, smart policies combined with collective intelligence will be essential to ensure our sustainability. They will help our society make a clear transition towards a green economy.

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Tanguy Griffon